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norsan products
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Norsan air fresheners and fabric freshening products Air Fresheners
Bobson aerosol dispenser, Microspray digital and Kleenmist Odour control metered aerosols, 'Elite' Air Freshener dispenser, 'Freshgel' Sanitising Cabinet, 'Freshgel' Sanitising Odour Control gels, 'Franchesca' Air Fragrance.  Automatic aerosol air fresheners in Wild Berry, 'Francesca', Crystal Waters, Ice Blue, Orchard blossom fragrances.  Phone if not shown.
Norsan carpet care products Carpet Care - Guidelines for Carpet Care and Stain Removal supplied on request.
'Starclean 2000' concentrate and ready to use, Zapit emergency pwder, 'On The Spot', 'Unisol', 'Fibrefresh' powder, Carpet Shampoo 'Neutral Cleane', 'Sanair', 'Sanfresh', Foam Reducer, Static Remover, 'Norfreeze gum freezer aerosol and 'Gum-Free' chewing gum remover
Norsan floorcare products Floor Care - Guidelines for Floor care and maintenance.
Products: Alkalene, Starstrip 2000, Power Plus, CDX Plus, Starclean 2000, TFR90, Deepclean, Norfresh, Star 2000, Universal,  Norcote Hard and Fast, Starshine, Starbrite, Norwax, Norsan polyurethane clear, Polyurethene Floor Paint and Gum Free.
Norsan handcare, including the Gojo lotion soap range

Hand Care

Soap dispensers Handcare Lotion and Bactericidal, Fresh hands system, Gojo dipensers and skincare products. Purell instant hand snitiser. 

Norsan housekeeping product range, including toilet, washroom, furniture polish and more Housekeeping
Furniture polish -Supreme Two non aerosol liquid and Supreme Aerosol, 'Clean Link' cleaner polish, Star Clean 2000 'Franchesca' Air Fragrance, 'Mistaclean' Glass and mirror cleaner, 'Budge',' Budge Foam', 'Freshclean', 'Deepclean', Flush' and  'Remover', toilet and bathroom cleaners and descalers, Stainless Steel Cleaner, 'Kleenfresh 20' dishwash, 'Norcream' cream clenser, Graffiti Remover, 'DC5' drain cleaner, 'Zapit' emergency clean up, 'Gum-Free' chewing gum remover and Norvac Contractor' vacuum cleaner. 
Norsan hygiene care products, protect and clean Hygiene Care
Intasan, Starclean, Freshclean, Budge, Budge Foam trigger, Flush, Bleach Sanitising tablets, Sanair, Sanfresh, 'Control', Zapit and Deepclean.
Norsan kitchen hygiene product range Kitchen Hygiene
'Crystal wash' and 'Crystal clean', 'Kleenfresh' Concentrate and 'Kleenfresh 20' manual glass and dishwash, 'Normatic' dishwash, 'Rinse', 'Total Commercial' and 'Total Rinse' auto-dosing dish wash and rinse additives, 'Normatic' powder dishwash, 'Norscale' and 'Norclean' oven and grill cleaner.
'Power Bactericidal' floor cleaner, 'Intasan' Odourless 'HSC', 'Power Plus', 'Norcream', 'Sanidet', 'Anti Stain' tannin remover, 'Norbite' de-greaser,  'DC5' drain cleaner, Stainless Steel Cleaner.
Norsan laundry care product range Laundry Care
Norsan 'Automatic non Biological', 'Biological',' Liquid laundry', ' Fabric Softner', 'Vamoose' de-stainer and 'Sanair' deodourising soak.

Health and Safety information (COSHH / CHIP) available with all purchases

Minimum order any single unit carriage 6.00 anywhere in UK otherwise carriage at cost

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